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David Sizemore
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Default Please stop this Linux crap!! You are doing NOTHING to advocate Linux

Hey, umm, moron......,
Thing the first: I think it would be safe to say that most folks take
issue with a "you" speaking for an "us".
Thing the second: The "begin crap" is a known exploit in windows.
Used to be that you could run a virus in windows email clients by just
typing the word "begin" followed by two spaces, then the
read/write/execute permission code of "666"(among others), and then the
name of the attatched virus file. pretty sneaky in a script kiddie
kinda way, no?
Microsoft, instead of hardening it's OS against viruses by little
things like not allowing mail/news clients to change permissions of
files, just decided to take the megalomaniacal "no one will ever need
more than 640K of memory" high road and not display anything that
follows the "begin" crap.
Thing the third: Linux is a variant of UNIX (the stuff the internet
runs on), the stuff Hotmail ran on until microsoft decided it needed to
be less secure. There was a time when you needed to do more than
point-n-click and shrug-n-pray, but that was a while ago. Most of the
Linux distributions come as easy to set up as windows.
It does, however gall me that people would rather spend $400 on an
unsecure OS, $300-$500 on an office suite that locks users into
proprietary formats, hundreds on AV and firewalls, and countless hours
downloading "security fixes" from a company that requires you to
"activate and register"(assume that everyone is guilty of piracy, and
require you to call microsoft and ask permission to change hardware in
your computer), than take a look at free info on the internet and try
out something different that you just may find secure, stable, fast and
Don't be afraid of learning new things.

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Sam Dunston
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On Sunday 27 March 2005 14:35, Bagels
s.com) wrote:

I went to read messages in comp.os.linux.advocacy and I can't see at
least half of them because the babies are using some begin crap.

Google has a Microsoft-compatible begin bug, Bagel Boy?

And could you morons please keep this Linux garbage out of

We don't want to read the troll crap or your crap. Don't bother complaining
about crap until you've toilet trained yourself.

Who the heck needs some operating system that doesn't even have a

You're a ****** with a head of wood. Learn how Usenet works before posting.
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Posts: n/a

On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 16:05:27 -0800, David Sizemore wrote:

Hey, umm, moron......,

Well, I use Linux ... have for years. But I don't often cross-post so I
doubt if the ID10T will ever see this.

I have often seen posts like the OP of this thread. They are posted by
Windows 'gurus' who get mad when they don't grasp that Linux marches to
the beat of a VERY different drummer. Until you figure that out, Linux
won't do squat for you. It will mock you, taunt you, humiliate and
torment you. And all the while you can hear it laughing at you. Once you
figure out that "Linux ain't Winders" and stop trying to act as if you
know it all already, it will do everything you ever imagined an OS would
do and a landslide more.

So these GUI gurus start trash-talking Linux on a Linux forum and
promptly get their butts handed to them in a paper bag by people who keep
track of their euchre score in octal and wear binary wris****ches.

I know ... I've still got the paper bag my butt was in when I got it back
some 10 years ago. I've used Linux since then and learned to do my own
thinking before asking questions on specialized forums (on the Postfix
forum they gouge your eyes out with smoldering sticks for trying to get
them to do your thinking for you). This guy will either learn or pick up
his paper bag and go on back to the Windows forums where they think he's a
swell guy.

Novell just switched over 6,000 desktops from Windows to Linux and saved
$900,000 in the first year. Re-training the grunts to do the same
work in Linux as they did in Windows took just hours, not days.

Linux ain't Windows. The sooner the OP learns that, the better off we'll
all be.

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Dave Hinz
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On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 20:20:15 -0500, Bill wrote:
On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 16:05:27 -0800, David Sizemore wrote:

Hey, umm, moron......,

Well, I use Linux ... have for years. But I don't often cross-post so I
doubt if the ID10T will ever see this.

He won't. It s a troll crosspost to an advocacy group.
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