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Default West Virginia teen now facing year in jail over NRA T-shirt

They say that those who do not know the difference between right and wrong are criminally insane. How do we define morality? Where does condemnation end, and freedom begin?

To answer, complete the following proposed Constitutional Amendment:

"The people of the United States shall enjoy immunity from arrest and prosecution, except for the crimes of"

I would point out that you can write down the whole current laundry list, or, you can, as some people will, respond wildly freely, or, as some people will, respond wildly condemnatory. So, in addition to responding I would ask, is there a method of determining what is right and wrong, and of principles, logic, and reason.

Even if one were to blindly follow a religious doctrine, there must surely be issues which the doctrine did not address. So how should right and wrong be determined.

And do we not all deserve to know "why," and should not religious doctrine be based in "why."

And while morality need not come from religious doctrine however,
Blaise Pascal (a devout Catholic) noted:
"If we submit everything to reason our religion will have nothing in it mysterious or supernatural. If we violate the principles of reason our religion will be absurd and ridiculous."

And, Arthur Schopenhauer noted:
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Thus when you put forth any opinion, all who are opposed are liable to come out of the woodwork and attack you. If you are in the right and you persist, you will likely prevail in the long run.

Also, some may suggest that morality is subjective, I would note that subjective morality means no morality, and that the list should at the least include murder. As to murder, it is impossible to recognize another being's existence, and then violate that being without making a contradiction, and a contradiction is accepted to be an error and an error is wrong, making those who willfully persist in great errors seeming to be wrong themselves, and thus denounced as apparently guilty. Alternatively to just say other people are dead in the first place (that is to not recognize another being's existence) would be to assert a fact that no one believes in, that is, to lie.
As to small errors, we should have the freedom to be less than perfect in a free country and in a world where nothing is sure. i.e. I would argue that not all errors should be condemned. I would further denounce assumptions such as "original sin" which contend that any people are inherently guilty, and I would rather affirm that all people are inherently right, at least until they commit error.

So, back to the proposed amendment:

"The people of the United States shall enjoy immunity from arrest and prosecution, except for the crimes of"

Please complete.
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