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Default OT Obama's "Pass this Bill" == "Spend this money" was Nothing funnier or dumber than a conservative saying "I don't have a job because of Obama"

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On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 20:49:52 -0700, Hawke
I have to admit it is nice to see how much right wingers care about
their fellow Americans. You know, the people they pretend mean so much
to them and the country they supposedly love. When you think about the
millions of broke, down and out, and unemployed Americans out there who
desperately need jobs, and how many of them would have their asses saved
if Obama's jobs bill were passed, you can't help but wonder about the
the kind of people who would deny them those jobs. Guys like you who
would rather see a lot of people suffer than to have the government
create jobs like the president is proposing to do.


The difference to use the catch phrase is the difference
between a "hand up" and a "hand out."

While the Obama speech had a certain ring to it, and was
appealing on a superficial level, IMNSHO there was far less
here than met the eye or ear, and while some of the most
unfortunate would apparently receive some temporary relief,
IIUC there were NO long-term solutions proposed, thus
additional relief measures are certain to be required, the
difficulty being that the government/economy is rapidly
running out of resources to provide the additional relief.

It should be remembered that already more than 15% of all
Americans now depend on food stamps for adequate food for
themselves and their children, and many more depend on non
governmental aid such as community pantries and food banks.
Note that in many cases both parents are working full time
and still are unable to adequately feed themselves while
paying rent and other necessary expenses, and their children
qualify for free or reduced price school lunch programs, and
increasingly school breakfast and supper as well.

Neither party appears to be willing to even officially
identify the specific problems causing the continual US
economic contraction and fall in real wages, let alone
attempt to correct these. It is “more of the same only
better” and “business as usual,” even as the Titanic settles
ever lower in the water.

As Will Rogers observed during the Great Depression, “It
ain't what you don't know that hurts you, it's what you know
that just ain't so.” Why the myths and lore [different sets
for each party] that the Republicans and Democrats appear to
be basing their political platforms and policies on may have
been operational in specific, isolated and long-gone eras,
these no longer have any semblance to the actual operations
of the real world in the global economy and “brave new world

Indeed, it appears that organized criminal activity ala
Enron and Madoff, may be one of the major unidentified and
unaddressed problems. Currently this is estimated at 15% of
global GDP, with much greater loss in the productive sectors ml

Unka' George

"Gold is the money of kings,
silver is the money of gentlemen,
barter is the money of peasants,
but debt is the money of slaves"

-Norm Franz, "Money and Wealth in the New Millenium"
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