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QJD1 wrote:
I have recently aquired an older second hand TFT monitor, Fujitsu x151f.
Otherwise it works perfectly, but there is one major problem. The
display is far too bright even when the contrast and brightness controls
are turned down to zero. If luminosity is further reduced from the video
card to acceptable elevel, the display starts to flicker. I'm now
looking for methods to reduce the luminosity of this TFT display to a
level, where one can use it and work with it without becoming blind (or
at least without headaches and serious pain in the eyes).


Thank You Dave D, Andy Cuffe, James Sweet and JW very much for
responding my question with excellent suggestions. I'm sure this problem
is part of history quite soon. My options to repair my monitor are now
(in that particular order):

0. Acquiring schematics and other relevant information
1. Checking circuitry for defects or faulty components
2. Adding variable resistor (pot) in the dimming circuit
3. Applying black Sharpie magic marker (or similar) to the tubes
4. Mounting anti-glare screen in front of a monitor.

THX + Best Regards

Let us know which solution works for you - that way if someone else comes
along with the same question, they might be helped.