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Justin Seabrook
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I'm just back from Japan where it's common in hotels to have a toilet unit
that will wash (and on some models) blow-dry your backside. It's basically
a seat unit withs a control panel, it heats the water before it let's you
turn it on then you can control pressure of spray, there's also a bidet
function. It squirts from back of bowl so dirty water doesn't drip onto the
nozzle. I tried to find one to fit as a feature at home but they only seem
to be available for 120V and didn't fancy installing a big transformer in
the bathroom! Also a bit pricey -

Anyway, I only came on here to find some instructions for changing a tap
washer, so I'll leave you to your thread now.


"Owain" wrote in message
Derek ^ wrote:
How would any body really know for certain that the previous user
hadn't dropped it in the "Toilet Water"?

Or even used it for more "internal purposes"?