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Derek ^ wrote:
On Thu, 01 Sep 2005 10:20:58 GMT, "SidKnee"

I am looking for a toilet with a built-in bidet type outlet for washing ones
backside afterwards. I have heard to the Geberit but that has too many
functions - I just want something simple.

Simple, we got...

Has anyone heard of these?

You might care to look here.

About 25 quid apparently.

Apparently very handy for cleaning up after "Quickies". 8 -)

Read right through the site for more information than you probably
really wanted to know.

What I would ask given its intended application, is how it meets the
water regs.

DG (No connection BTW.)

Given that you apply it upside down, won't the dirty water head back
onto the shower head for the next person to enjoy?