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Jim Yanik
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Dan_Musicant wrote in

On 14 Jul 2005 01:20:24 GMT, Jim Yanik . wrote:

uane Bozarth wrote in
: Pagan wrote:
: ...
: ... A cheap auto compressor makes short work of it.
: For that small, even the hand bicycle pump is short work...
:I prefer a FOOT pump,they need less effort than a hand pump.

Yeah, I've got all three. The the foot pump. It's just a
hassle I'd like to forego if I can get the tire to not leak.

If tubeless,I'd put in an inner tube,and if tubed,a NEW inner tube.
If tubeless,you could have a dented rim or bad seal on the rim from rust.
Dismount tire,sand off any rust or corrosion,paint inside of rim,then
remount tire.
Others have already mentioned bad valve stem or valve,or buying a new wheel
at Home Depot or Harbor Freight(HF may have an odd shaft diameter)
I know HF sells a replacement wheelbarrow wheel,I've seen them at the local

Jim Yanik