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"Dan_Musicant" wrote in message
I've had to reinflate it a few times already and it's only about 4 years
old. Not every time, but it seems like after 6-12 months, it's flat. I'm
looking whistfully at Harbor Freight ads for a 10" wheel for $5 (don't
know if mine's 10", though!).

The best way to buy a tire like this is to take it off, bring it in the
store, and compare it to theirs.

It's a Union Made (I think that's the brand), the big one (6 foot?). Is
there something I can do to make it not leak? I use one of those plastic
valve caps already. Thanks.

I've been told to put Slime in the tires for my wheelbarrow and hand truck.
These smaller tires, as well as bike tires, do tend to go flat after a few
months. They just aren't made to the same standards as car and truck tires.

Personally, I feel it's more trouble to put Slime, or those flat repair
canisters, in the tires than to just pump them up now and again. A cheap
auto compressor makes short work of it.