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"Rudy" wrote in message

Is there something I can do to make it not leak?

Ours went flat regularly. It was mainly due to building a home in the AZ
desert with all its various cactus 'spines'.

I patched the tube about 5X then gave up and bought the new one on sale
50% off at HFT for $ 4.99
A friend said to put green "Slime" (bike and M/C shops have it, perhaps
also Walmart) into the tire but I don't know if it works with tube type
tires or just tubeless.


Green slime is only effective for a narrow range of small holes. otherwise
it just makes a big mess in the wheel when you finally decide to replace the

Take the wheel off, pump it up and submerge it in a bucket of water (may
need to overinflate to show it up good)

Such a slow leak might be the valve stem. for less than $1 at a bike store
you can get a new valve and a couple bucks more for the tool to get it out.

Makes that $5 wheel sound reasonable though