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Cool Woodworking
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foggytown wrote:
Covey wrote:
We've just taken some time at this cafepress thing to make some of the
popular sayings in woodworking available on things that can be worn or
used in order to promote woodworking in a unique way.

You mean popular sayings like, "Awww ****!" "OUCH!" "How the hell did
THAT happen?" "DAMMIT!" "Now where's that $*=A3@# pencil?"


LOL, I'm new to woodworking, well, not really, let's say I'm getting
reaquainted after an absence of many years, and these are cracking me
up. I think I will be getting a couple of the "Hold My Wood, Baby"
boxers for my boyfriend, and if some of these other suggestions make it
to designs, I'll be looking at getting a few of those as well.

Nice idea!