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Greg O
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"ottertailfamily" wrote in message

Why not "break out some cash and help a local retailer?" Because they
suck, their help are a bunch of high school drop outs, charge way too much
to "fix" things, try to sell me a new Stihl when they can't, and because
my "throw-away" Ryobi hasn't needed anything but trimmer line in 3 years,
and my Murray (!) riding mower hasn't needed anything in 6 years of mowing
just under an acre (compare that with my dads John Deere that needed two
transaxles in the same amount of time the first less than 3 months after
he bought it - not covered under warranty due to "abuse").
Maybe I get lucky.

Find another dealer then. I can't help if your dealer compares with Kmart!
Sears used to be known for their service, you see posts here all the time
from people bitching about poor service.
I have a couple dealers for lawn equipment in the area I would trust, both
have shops that hire real people, not some high school punk. The service
manager in one shop has worked there for 20+ years. The other darned near as

I glad you have had good luck with your chain store equipment. I wonder if
you would be bragging just the same if either of them needed a simple
repair. If your local shops are hacks, who would fix your Ryobi, or Murray,
if you could not?
Yep, I agree, you have been lucky. One day you will need a part and no where
to get it except to order it from form high school kid at the chain store
you bought it from.