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Now, if compressed air is so much more efficient than batteries, then
why do *you* think that we're seeing ICE/battery hybrid cars driving
around, but not ICE/air hybrids?


Because it is pure PC instead of science for starts.
There are and have been air powered cars...they are lighter for a

than a battery hybrid.Since all you do is add a burner in most cases.
Brayton cycle in a turbine ....Or rankine or sterling in a piston .

Off hand, I can think of three ICE/battery hybrids currently selling
in good numbers - Toyota Prius, and Honda Civic and Accord. Unless you
can offer some similar examples of ICE/air hybrids, I'm going to stick
with the notion that car manufacturers haven't found compressed air to
be a competitive energy storage medium for automobiles.


A more accurate answer is that Toyota and Honda chose to capitalize on the
PC ,while
GM,Mercedes ,and the of the auto world chose to look for an engine. That
actually was more effecent at something other than
emptying your pockets.

Stanley had third market manufacturers converting thier steamcars to air

the early 1900's.

About 18 months ago Prof Tsu-Chin Tsao, of UCLA was working with Ford on an
IC/air engine hybrid. It received a good press. All in the same engine
using a camless valve train with hydraulic/elecro valve activation, brake
regeneration and on a stradard V6. It was surprised to double mpg around
town, and about 12% more on the highway. The standard engine meant it could
be up and running soon. It would stop onnidel and take on air, when
depleted the engine would run on fossil fuel, charging the air tank when
braking. Charging the tank overnight may have been economical too using
grid electricity.
This was pretty well what the French are still doing with their car -
running on fossil fuel and air. So far no news of the
Ford/UCLA development, or is he just developing and keeping out of the way?