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In message , Nick
A strange request perhaps.
SWMBO has tasked me to convert a clean, blown, natural ostrich egg into a
container for a specific purpose.
The egg is approx. 6.5 x 5.0 inches (165 x 127mm) and 2-3 mm thick. Makes
the eyes water just thinking about it!
Can be cut either longways or sideways.
As this is a one-off and we only have 1 egg, I would like to get it right
first time. Also only a week to produce the finished article, to include
hinge, fastener, turned base etc.
Any experience or thoughts on such stupidity please?

I have a decent range of hand & power tools but have never worked on
anything this fragile.

Maybe masking tape around the axis, draw the line where you're going to
cut, and get your dremel out

You might want to think about filling it with jelly to give it some body
and absorb the vibrations

otherwise ... an angle grinder