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Chris Hodges
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Andy Dingley wrote:
Then get your Dremel and a cutting disk, big as possible. Make a Dremel
stand - boxed up MDF and tie-wraps to hold it is fine, just make sure
the Dremel disk is horizontal and you can change disks as needed.

Now make an egg cradle, from MDF, corugated cardboard, foamboard, or
whatever you have.

Make the height of both cradles so that the egg meets the Dremel disk
where needed. Use masking tape to stop the egg moving in the cradle.

Now place both stands onto a flat workbench, power up and slowly rotate
the egg against the disk. It cuts slowly but easily. Work round
gradually, so that you cut almost all the way through around the whole
egg, before you start breaking through in any spot.

And run the dremel on slowest speed?

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