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This saw uses a motor that has the inner flange splined onto the main
rotor. Don't waste a lot of time or money on it as parts are going to be
hard to find, and it is seriously underpowered... The motor for this saw
is about $230.00. In order to reface the flange, you have to disassemble
the motor, remove the rotor and turn the whole thing. This saw is
basically the new TS350 that was just relaeased, selling for about
399.00 at lowes...

woodworker88 wrote:
Whether you can fix it on a lathe all depends on how securely the
machinist can hold the flange while facing the flange. If he can grab
in in a collet or a secure 3-jaw chuck with at least 1/2 inch in the
machine, you'd probably be better off going that route. If the piece
can't be held securely, you'd be much better off doing it by hand.
Otherwise the runout in the work-holding setup will screw up the flange
even more than it already is. Also, remember, with a dial indicator,
you should be indicating with the pointer partially pushed in, not at
the end of it's travel. This reduces errors.