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Hello all;

I don't want to sound overly cautious here, but you do know that if
you decide to spin up the motor, you surely will have the blade
removed before tinkering around with it.

I am not saying that you are not playing with a full deck, but
someone else who reads this might not have an elevator that goes all
the way to the top floor. One can never be too careful around a
spinning saw motor.

Make more sawdust,

Dan Harriman
Orange, Texas

"Jim" wrote in

"John Antoszek" wrote in message

While I was sanding, I noticed that the arbor flange was not
tightly fixed to the motor shaft. I didn't notice any play in
the motor shaft. I couldn't move the flange in or out but I
could, however, turn it side-to-side (I'd say less than a 16th of
an inch, just enough to notice). I don't know how the shaft and
flange are assembled - press on, welded? With the blade
installed everything feels tight and secure but I wonder if this
thing is safe. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Usually the pulley is keyed to the shaft. You can disasembled the
pulley from the motor shaft by removing the nut from the shaft.
You may need a puller to get the pulley off.