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Norman D. Crow
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Why bother with the link? For those needing a chuckle at this time of year,
and for all the newbies who never heard of "Jummywood", here is the complete
unabridged story.

A question was posed:
"but what is the story behind Jummywood? Where did the name come from?"

Sit back boys and girls, and let me tell you the story of the Jummywood

Long ago, in a small town in Oz lived a man who we'll call Phully. Now
Phully was a talented and gifted wood basher who could pop out an
entertainment center, two end tables, a bookcase, and two wine racks before
lunch. After noon, when he finished his 9th Fosters, he went back into the
shop and there before him stood a poor Aussie waif.

"Pardon me sir, but I'm hungry. Could I have the crumbs from your mullet
sandwich - please sir?" Phully was all choked up ~ not because the kid was
hungry but because he had just killed off his last grog and was going to
miss his 2:00 "coffee break" if he didn't go to market and pick up another 6
"I tells you what you farkin little elf - you stay here and tend to the
shop while I go get some more grog - er I mean groceries and I'll be right

Along the way Phully spied some old mates at the pub down the street and
wandered back to the shop after dark. The poor emaciated waif had taken all
the pine boards off the back of the shop and built some of the finest
furniture Phully had ever seen. It had a touch of old country flavor to it
and in his awe and amazement, he awakened the lad and bought him his own
loaf of bread.

"This is the finest 'kin work in the land. Reminds me of the talents of my
top bloke in the states, it does - Jummy McNamara in Texas," he exclaimed.
From here on out, you will be my indentured servant. Now *no one* is to
know that you build this fine furniture for me - I'll always put me leather
patch on it I will." But if anyone asks - you never touch the jarrah - only
the pine."

"Peen?" the young lad replied.
"No - I said pine" in his usual Aussie drawl.

"Pain?" the youth queried again.

"For the love of God son, call it Jummywood!"

So for those of you non-believers who don't believe there is such a thing as
a Jummywood tree, let me assure you there is. Just as there is a Santa
Claus, Easter Bunny, and E.T. It ain't as expensive as walnut or ipe, but I
mean after all - wood don't grow on trees!

So there you have it - the birth of Jummywood.

Now close your eyes, think good thoughts, and go to sleep.

Good night boys and girls.


Jim Mc Namara
Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain,
but all the happiness occurs while you're climbing it

Those on the cutting edge bleed a lot.

"Jummy" wrote in message
Hey there Owen! Yup - I think it's me. New life - no wife - recovered
from the $$$ damage she ran me through. Things are great out here.
Love the climate, the surroundings, and if you wake up at 3 AM and
can't sleep - go to a casino! LOL!

Other good reading on the wreck archives is the history of Jummywood!
LOL! I believe it's Nahmie who provides all the info to this link. I
have really missed you guys. Nahms and Kay were in Houston a few years
back and stopped by to visit. Great folks! I think I'm gonna have to
go to Phully's site and bump him there. Good to see ya.