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Greg O
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Speaking of jummywood, where did that gent from "down under" disappear to,
or is he still here, and I am just dense!
He would drop a pic in abpw, abpf once in a while, but I don't beleive I
have seen any lately.

"Jummy" wrote in message
For you "old timers" - Hey there guys! I thought that would ring a
bell or two. I'm in Vegas . . . camped out with Harvey for a few weeks
then got a full time job doing what I used to do. One day I just might
get back to making some sawdust. The recovery from the divorce was a
slow one - but hey . . . we all live through the crap! LOL! Hope all
is well with everyone and that the holidays are going to be Grizz Green
for you all! ROTFLMAO!

Take care,