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charlie b
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(Welcome back and look foreward to some
Jummywood cabinets pics in a.b.p.w.)

Oh lord, now Google searches on Jummywood.

Folks will grab their reference books trying
to find the density and hardness, workability,
special glue up needs ...

A website will spring up selling imported
premium grade Jummwyood pen blanks.

Flexner will do an article in Fine Wood Working
on special finishes and techniques for

Veritas will develop a special plane just
for Jummywood. Lie Nielsen will produce
a Jummywood dovetail saw - with a limited
edition version having a Jummywood handle.

A group will form to Save The Jummy Forest
after an obscure but endangered titmouse
is found to need Jummy trees for its habitat.

Florida, Georgia and Alabama will all claim
to be the Jummywood Capitol of The World.

A band will form and call themselves Jummy
Woods. Their first song will be the most
downloaded from Son of Napster.

Jerry Falwell will claim that The Cross was
made of Jummy Wood and therefore all
Jummy trees should be burned and the
stumps salted.

charlie b