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Larry Jaques
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On 6 Dec 2004 12:26:15 -0800, "Jummy" calmly

For you "old timers" - Hey there guys! I thought that would ring a
bell or two. I'm in Vegas . . . camped out with Harvey for a few weeks
then got a full time job doing what I used to do.

Yagotcher gitfiddle on yer knee and the hat upside down on
the sidewalk again, eh, Jums? Yee haw!

One day I just might
get back to making some sawdust. The recovery from the divorce was a
slow one - but hey . . . we all live through the crap! LOL! Hope all
is well with everyone and that the holidays are going to be Grizz Green
for you all! ROTFLMAO!

Congrats on surviving the Big D. And may Griz be your holiday
color, too!

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