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Brian Lawson
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Hey Franklin,

I would think that there are too many "styles" of quills and spindles
to find a generic method of adapting a standard hand-held digital
caliper to your use. And in any event, the portion of the read-out
you want to "see" will not be horizontal after you install it. It
will require severe head-cocking for you to look at it. That's why
they make, for roughly the same price, a DRO for use on quills, which
will give the proper horizontal viewing. Although these may be
adaptable to many different machines, they will normally have a
bracket set supplied to allow easy install on a Bridgeport quill.
Only word or advice I have is to get one that is for the same stroke
as the machine, otherwise you have to goof around to adapt it. That
from a guy who got one with a 6" stroke instead of 5,, and had to
screw around to make it fit.

Take care.

Brian Lawson,
Bothwell, Ontario.
On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 04:52:32 GMT, "Franklin Newton"

Has anyone turned a digital caliper into a cheap DRO for a drill press, can
you point me to dwgs or photos? Thanks