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Ian Stirling
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Kieren wrote:
Hello all,

basic question is Do it myself or get in the professionals.

Have done reasearch on the web and friends and family and really get a
mixed response from
'yeah it is easy' to 'no way I tried it once and just can't be
bothered with the hassle get the professionals in mate'

We recently bought a victorian property, want to sand the front room
boards approx 4 meter by 3.2 metre room and dining room approx 4metre
by 3 metre(front room is priority)

Various professionals to do our front room are charging from around
?350 to ?450 to sand, varnish and then an extra ?50 to ?150 to stain.

PS Sorry should have said that money is an issue for us, many many
projects for the house, very limited cash to do it, hence the dilema.
If it was around ?350 for the whole sheebang I probably would go for
professionals but the figures quoted make me think

What sort of condition is the floor in?
How uneven is it?
Do you want it absolutely flat, or will the odd bump not be a problem...

At the low end, you could try a drum sander attachment for a drill, with
a few sanding bands.

This worked well for the small bit of floor I needed to do.