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(Don Wagner) wrote in message ...
"Airkings" wrote:
Is it advisable to attach a heavy bag to a basement floor joist and use it
for training? Will the vibrations cause damage? What has people's experience
been? Thanks!

Depends on the house and the beam, but in general I've found the
rattle the whole place.

Pick up a free standing bag frame. There were some good 2-station
frames for about $125 used on ebay.
The beatings will continue until morale improves.

FWIW, I bought and have used this bag stand

(or try if that link gets broken)

(the heavy frame version) about a year and a half ago, using it with a
150-lb leather heavy bag. Unless you like to dance in circles around
the bag, it's pretty good IMO. If you hook a bungee or elastic cord
to the bottom you can pretty much punch the crap out of it without
worrying about it teetering (if you choose not to weight the back or
drill the base into the floor). However, when doing hard kicks, even
with the bungee cord attached to the bottom, you have to 'time' your
kicks to reduce excess swingage.