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James Simpson
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Default 135 Degree worktop joint (external 45 degree)

Andy Hall wrote in message . ..
On 27 Jan 2004 14:13:02 -0800, (James Simpson)

Andy Hall wrote in message . ..

I think it should be with most jigs if you invert them or as a minimum
you could do a simple mitre on the external corner.

I am tempted with this option )

However, the whole thing is going to look quite odd and fussy whatever
you do. Why does the cooker have to be set back? Could you bring
it forward, even if it involves a deeper or wider worktop

It will look a bit different but its currently done with tiles and itlooks ok, but I want to get rid of the tiles. I could move the cooker forard but the kitchen is not very big at all and it needs to site back to preserve space! Thanks for your ideas and advice, I may attempt a simple mitre and bolt the worktops together


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