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Charles Spitzer
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"Mike" wrote in message
On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 14:59:39 -0700, Charles Spitzer wrote:

"Mike" wrote in message
I'm putting ceramic tile on my basement slab. The walls are finished.

I'd hate to remove the baseboards. Can I slip the tile underneath the
baseboard? If so, should I leave space between the tile and drywall?

how are you going to get the baseboards to rise up to leave a space? did

remove carpet from the slab already and have a space? will that space be

Yes, I removed carpet from the slab. The tile I bought (only $0.50 a
square foot) is 1/4" thick. I believe the distance between the baseboard
and concrete is about 3/8" thick.

well, you'll have additional height from the thinset, but go right ahead
then. if you won't tell, i won't.