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Dave C.
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Default Factory built home vs. traditional site built home

In our case, our stick built was less. I took our specs to a local high
modular builder and he said he couldn't come close to the price we were
getting on the
stick built. Last week I saw a show where a two story modular was being
They lifted each upper quad (?) section with a crane to rest on the lower
No one can tell me those sections are not well built. I certainly would

trust my
stick built (which has built to very good specs) to hold together during
such a maneuver.

EXACTLY!!! Too many people falsely believe that modular isn't as high in
quality as stick-built. Actually, if you specify the same building
materials, you end up with the exact same home, just a bit stronger. The
problem is, if you accept the default configuration, which is cheaply built.
THEN you might end up with something that compares unfavorably to
stick-built. -Dave