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On Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:47:15 -0400, knuttle

On 6/15/2021 7:15 PM, Puckdropper wrote:
DerbyDad03 wrote in

I helped my daughter move last November. I found that U-Haul was
accurate in their upfront rate quote, assuming that you can do a good
job estimating your own time and mileage. I have also found them to be
the least expensive overall.

Don't forget to factor in your time to pickup and return. That is
often an unknown depending on how busy the rental location is.

The biggest problem I had was with their clunky app which is supposed
to save you time. Supposedly you can reserve, pick-up and drop-off
without ever dealing with a counter person. I found that to be BS,
which was verified by the counter person I had to deal with. He
bitched about the app since he is the one that has to deal with the
upset customers when the app doesn't work and renters have to stand in
line behind other upset customers, getting even more upset.

YMMV. In theory, the app should really make thing more efficient, but
in my experience it didn't. Reviews show that I am not alone.

Have you considered one of these? I had one for a while and since you
own it, it's available whenever you need it and stores neatly. I don't
know how often your blue moons come around, but eventually it would
pay for itself. In addition, you'd probably use it more than you think
since it's readily available. Add in the cost of a floor and walls if
you'd like.

I'm surprised that they don't have an image of it folded up for
storage on their website.

Here you go...

I tried uHaul's site and had to go through about 8 pages of add-ons that
I declined. I was just looking for something to put some plywood in, I
didn't need moving blankets, boxes, dollies, helpers, etc. They didn't
even give me a mileage quote, so I was left doing it by hand.

The trailer and a bigger vehicle are the long term solution. My little
car probably won't do that well with a trailer and 10 sheets of plywood.

Thanks for the suggestion of the HF folding trailer. I'll keep it in
mind for the future.


We live in a rural area, and I know the dealer also has the trailer I
need. When I rented it I went to the deal and told him what I wanted no
extra questions.

Additionally I was rent an open stake type trailer not a van. So many
of the bells and whistles did not apply

Just a note but a Yakima rack with the medium bars holds plywood
nicely. The weight you can carry is limited (typically around 150
pounds officially) but it does work. And when you're not using it for
plywood it will also carry bicycles, kayaks, or what have you.