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On 6/15/2021 5:45 PM, DerbyDad03 wrote:
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On 6/15/2021 2:25 PM, DerbyDad03 wrote:
On Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 12:05:04 PM UTC-4, pyotr filipivich wrote:
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Have you considered one of these? I had one for a while and since you own it, it's
available whenever you need it and stores neatly. I don't know how often your blue
moons come around, but eventually it would pay for itself. In addition, you'd probably
use it more than you think since it's readily available. Add in the cost of a floor and
walls if you'd like.

I'm surprised that they don't have an image of it folded up for storage on their website.
The OP doesn't mention it, but I have considered renting a
trailer, except for the small issue of the four to five hundred
dollars to get a hitch installed and wired up. It is a one time cost,
true, but it is still a cost.

Your cost estimate seems pretty high, at least in my experience. Maybe
there's something related to your vehicle that makes them overly expensive.

I can get a "hang below" hitch for my 2017 Odyssey for $128 and install it in
less than an hour. I chose to spend about $180 and get a hitch that hides
under the bumper cover. The install takes a lot longer, but the end result
is a much cleaner look. Only the receiver is exposed.

If you can use a wrench, you can install a hitch.

The harness cost about $40, and with many vehicles it's plug and play. You may
have to pull a few internal panels, but it's pretty simple.

So now I'm at $220. I spent another $150 and installed a transmission cooler
up front to hopefully extend the life of my tranny, even though I don't tow
excessively, either from a weight or frequency perspective. Still, trannies are
expensive and the heat caused by towing is not good for them. DAMHIKT

So, for less than your low end of $400, I installed a high quality, hidden
hitch as well as a high quality transmission cooler.

Buying a trailer for "occasional use" is a good idea, but I still
have that problem of "what do I do with it the other 50 weekends of
the year?" {If I had my way, I'd own the parking/storage area where I
kept "it" the weekends I don't use it.}

The fold up trailer that I linked to doesn't take up much space. I kept
mine up against the wall of a single car garage.

As said it depends on the truck. It cost $365 for my 2017 Grand
Caravan. There were two parts in that charge one for the hitch and the
other adding the wiring to run the 12 volts back to the rear of the
truck. As I understand it had something to do wit the tail lights being
wired for LED lights. (Yes I may be gullible, but everywhere I went I
got the same story)

It sounds like you had the installation done as opposed to DIY. My
numbers were all DIY.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown of parts and labor. My
guess is that the installer up charged the parts costs.

Hitches are not that hard to install. I've done at least 5 on my own
vehicles and helped a few other people with theirs.

I have a 21' sailboat so there was no question about the hitch. However
since it cost about $200 just for transportation if my Lawn tractor
needs service, I found that I could rent a trailer at U Haul for about
$20 per day or $40 for transportation for service rather than $200.

You did not say what kind of truck you have but all of my vans including
the Grand Caravan will handle a 4x8 sheet of plywood,etc on the floor
all back seats being down.

Yes I did (I even included a picture) and yes it can.

Digital images do not come down on a Text only newsgroup