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Default An electronic question.

On 15/06/2021 19:02, charles wrote:
In article ,
Fredxx wrote:
On 15/06/2021 13:36, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
On 15/06/2021 10:35, Peter Able wrote:
Assuming that Fredxx has the right link, I think that you should take
it with a little pinch of salt. An article originated 2000, referring
to a 50+ year old Op Amp design (great advance though it was) is the
first hint.

More than a hint, since transistorss weren't invented then let alone

we certainly had transistors when I was at school - late 1950s and my copy
of "Mullard Manual of Transistor Circuits in dated 1961. That's 60 years

We're obviously of a similar age. When I won a book prize at grammar
school I nominated that as the prize. The school was scandalised! "No
one has EVER been given a paperback book at Speech Day!!!!". The
compromise was that I choose a conventional book (a hardback Latin
dictionary), as well.

I still have both. You can guess which is the more thumbed !