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DerbyDad03 on Tue, 15 Jun 2021 06:13:23 -0700
(PDT) typed in rec.woodworking the following:

Have you considered one of these? I had one for a while and since you own it, it's
available whenever you need it and stores neatly. I don't know how often your blue
moons come around, but eventually it would pay for itself. In addition, you'd probably
use it more than you think since it's readily available. Add in the cost of a floor and
walls if you'd like.

I'm surprised that they don't have an image of it folded up for storage on their website.

The OP doesn't mention it, but I have considered renting a
trailer, except for the small issue of the four to five hundred
dollars to get a hitch installed and wired up. It is a one time cost,
true, but it is still a cost.

Buying a trailer for "occasional use" is a good idea, but I still
have that problem of "what do I do with it the other 50 weekends of
the year?" {If I had my way, I'd own the parking/storage area where I
kept "it" the weekends I don't use it.}

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