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Default Truck Rental

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 9:13:26 AM UTC-4, DerbyDad03 wrote:
On Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 2:29:11 AM UTC-4, Puckdropper wrote:
I need a pickup once in a blue moon to get some plywood and the like. I've
looked at options like Menards (19.95 for the first 75 minutes, PLUS .30/mi
mileage, but at least you don't have to fuel it) or uHaul ($19.95 "in
town" PLUS .59/mi, PLUS $1 "environmental" fee, but I'm not sure if they
charge per hour or not.)

Is anyone familiar with a truck rental place that will be at least upfront
with me about the costs? If the truck costs $50 to rent, I want to know
that, not this $19.95 plus mileage and fees deceptive advertising they all


I helped my daughter move last November. I found that U-Haul was accurate in
their upfront rate quote, assuming that you can do a good job estimating your
own time and mileage. I have also found them to be the least expensive overall.

Don't forget to factor in your time to pickup and return. That is often an unknown
depending on how busy the rental location is.

The biggest problem I had was with their clunky app which is supposed to save
you time. Supposedly you can reserve, pick-up and drop-off without ever dealing
with a counter person. I found that to be BS, which was verified by the counter
person I had to deal with. He bitched about the app since he is the one that has
to deal with the upset customers when the app doesn't work and renters have to
stand in line behind other upset customers, getting even more upset.

YMMV. In theory, the app should really make thing more efficient, but in my experience
it didn't. Reviews show that I am not alone.

Have you considered one of these? I had one for a while and since you own it, it's
available whenever you need it and stores neatly. I don't know how often your blue
moons come around, but eventually it would pay for itself. In addition, you'd probably
use it more than you think since it's readily available. Add in the cost of a floor and
walls if you'd like.

I'm surprised that they don't have an image of it folded up for storage on their website.

Here you go...

I found some old pictures of my trailer in use. The rack unbolts, the walls come off and the
trailer folds in 3rd's, ready to roll into my garage. It served me well for about 5 years until I
sold it for $250. I think I paid about $400, including the trailer and the wood for the sides
and floor.