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Default Canon PIXMA MG3150 printer on Windows 10?

I don't know specifically but I have several old printers running on an old
xp machine which is on a network with machines running more modern versions
of windows. The odd thing is this. Though when I select the printer via the
machine from another machine it says installing driver and then it works. If
you move said printer onto the machine directly, the software will either
not install or sometimes even be found.

My guess is that a lot of windows drivers will work, but are simply not
allowed to for some reason which is different for a driver running over a
network for another pc. It is all a big mind numbing.


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"John Stockton" wrote in message
A neighbour has a nice Windows 7 PC (#1), working with a Canon PIXMA MG3150
printer. Microsoft, others, and I keep saying he should be using Windows 10
(as I do), and he has eventually accepted that he should do so too.

We have recently been given another PC (#2) which has Windows 10, so I
thought it best to first get a MG3150 printer driver for that PC from the
Canon UK Web site. We found one there listing Windows 10 compatibility, and
tried to install it; but installation did not complete (no failure message,
but the dialog had said that it would vanish on completion; it did not
vanish). We subsequently found another page listing OS compatibilities for
the MG3150 - that list did not include Windows 10.

I don't really want to upgrade his PC #1 Windows 7 to Windows 10 and find
that his printer does not then work anywhere.

Meanwhile, I have an old Windows 7 PC (#3) and I have a two-year-old but
unused Canon PIXMA XL 2550S printer. I would like to commission the 2550S
on the donated PC #2, and subsequently use on my current PC (#4); but it
would be sufficient if it worked on PC #3.

He would be reluctant to put my 2550S on his PC#1, and does not want to buy
a new PC-with-printer system.

All PCs mentioned here are desktop ones; #1 and #4 currently have reasonably
wide screens.

Any suggestions?

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