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Default Truck Rental

On 6/15/2021 2:29 AM, Puckdropper wrote:
I need a pickup once in a blue moon to get some plywood and the like. I've
looked at options like Menards (19.95 for the first 75 minutes, PLUS .30/mi
mileage, but at least you don't have to fuel it) or uHaul ($19.95 "in
town" PLUS .59/mi, PLUS $1 "environmental" fee, but I'm not sure if they
charge per hour or not.)

Is anyone familiar with a truck rental place that will be at least upfront
with me about the costs? If the truck costs $50 to rent, I want to know
that, not this $19.95 plus mileage and fees deceptive advertising they all


I have rented from Menards, Home Depot (I think) and U-haul. Each of
them was upfront about the rate. U-haul's rate was per hour--and I had
the truck back to them in 40 minutes, and they only charged me for the
fraction of an hour--I had to top-off the gas tank.

The other two just charged me $25 for 75 minutes--no additional charge
for gas. So, U-haul was cheaper. If you only need a truck "once in a
blue moon", be glad one is available on those terms--you're saving a ton
of money compared to owning one!

One other detail--were you aware that some of the prices by U-haul
offered to businesses and non-businesses customers are different? You
can verify this online. Maybe you can make that work for you?

This is America, where "The bold print giveth, and the fine print taketh
away!" I don't think you'll change that. I don't like that all of the
prices advertised by Internet providers are for the first year or two,
and my way of dealing with that has been to mention it to them when I
can, scale back my subscriptions, and throw the offers in the trash.
Get off of my lawn! ; )