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Default Canon PIXMA MG3150 printer on Windows 10?

A neighbour has a nice Windows 7 PC (#1), working with a Canon PIXMA MG3150 printer. Microsoft, others, and I keep saying he should be using Windows 10 (as I do), and he has eventually accepted that he should do so too.

We have recently been given another PC (#2) which has Windows 10, so I thought it best to first get a MG3150 printer driver for that PC from the Canon UK Web site. We found one there listing Windows 10 compatibility, and tried to install it; but installation did not complete (no failure message, but the dialog had said that it would vanish on completion; it did not vanish). We subsequently found another page listing OS compatibilities for the MG3150 - that list did not include Windows 10.

I don't really want to upgrade his PC #1 Windows 7 to Windows 10 and find that his printer does not then work anywhere.

Meanwhile, I have an old Windows 7 PC (#3) and I have a two-year-old but unused Canon PIXMA XL 2550S printer. I would like to commission the 2550S on the donated PC #2, and subsequently use on my current PC (#4); but it would be sufficient if it worked on PC #3.

He would be reluctant to put my 2550S on his PC#1, and does not want to buy a new PC-with-printer system.

All PCs mentioned here are desktop ones; #1 and #4 currently have reasonably wide screens.

Any suggestions?

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