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Default where's all the political slagging-match gone?!

Hi all
I always thought of the political slagging matches on here - the
"off-topic" posts - were a nuisance - "signal" on the group being less
than 1/100th part of the "noise" - even though what "signal" there was
was high quality.
Wondered how long the newsgroup could keep going.
Now the feed I am getting from r.c.m. has gone quiet.
Surely Americans haven't suddenly started accepting anyone who isn't
identical to themselves????????????? With caveat "And God makes me
Oh well, strange times.

For anyone interested in technical questions - can anyone identify /
tell me about this fatigue-testing machine?

It's at the University of Ibague in Columbia (the nation in South
America), and the results they get certainly look both right and good.

(PDF download)

seen as "Figure 3" in both versions - PDF download and online

They list things like "pulley sizes" and so on - it's some kind of
purely mechanical device (?)
Completely unfamiliar to me.
I'm interested, because they are doing a lot for not a lot.

"Weld Magnification Factor Approach in Cruciform Joints Considering
Post Welding Cooling Medium and Weld Size"
Oscar Araque and Nelson Arzola)

Best wishes,
Rich Smith