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Default OT: Latering thinking puzzle "Why do more peoplre die on theirbithday than any other day?"

On 12/06/2021 20:06, NY wrote:
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On 12/06/2021 14:56, NY wrote:


Can anyone think of a logical reason, which doesn't involve
alcohol-related accidents, people who are terminally ill holding out
until their next birthday, depression/suicide "I'm a year older than
I was" etc? Something which is "blindingly obvious" even to a
ten-year-old at school?

There are many billions of days when you didn't die before you even
had a birthday.

I tended to assume that the original question meant "that any other day
of the same year", as anything else would not make sense - and also
would tend to disprove the very assertion that he was making if you
included a denominator of (every date in the past that has ever existed).

When you die, there's something like a 1 in 365 chance of it being your
birthday. There's something like a 1 in loadsabillions chance of it not
being your birthday, because you can't have a birthday before you're born.

So the chances of you dying on your birthday are much higher than on any
other day. Of course, the chances of you dying during your lifetime are
even higher :-)

But if you take it that the question only refers to your lifetime, then,
all other things being equal, people born on 29th Feb would surely skew
the result in the opposite way to that claimed.