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Default OT: Latering thinking puzzle "Why do more peoplre die on theirbithday than any other day?"

On 12/06/2021 22:58, NY wrote:
I've learned two things: firstly that he was still alive until Wednesday (I
thought he'd died a decade or so ago), and secondly that he was Maltese
rather than British.

I remember one of his books many years ago then I got thinking. One of
his "lateral thinking" examples was that we could save money and speed
up elections by getting everyone to turn on a 1KW electric fire when
prompted then measure the change in load on the grid.

Anyone can see the folly of this argument! Many would switch on a 1KW
electric fire before the prompt then turn it OFF when prompted!

Like many of his suggestions, they superficially seemed a good idea but
failed when you looked more closely at them.