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Default OT: Latering thinking puzzle "Why do more peoplre die on their bithday than any other day?"

"Rod Speed" wrote in message

Because there are more births on that day of the year
and so its statistically more likely that that will coincide
with the death day even if the deaths are evenly distributed
throughout the year. Which they arent in fact.

OK. So this all hinges on the fact that the birth rate (and maybe death
rate) varies throughout the year. If the same number of people were born on
every date as on every other date, you're saying that the increased
probability of you dying on your birthday would not be true?

Now if the birth rate has a gradual peak at a certain time of year, more
people will be born at around that time of year. If there are more people
alive with a given birthday, does that automatically mean there there is a
greater chance that when a person dies (a fairly random event) their death
date will correspond with their birth date? And why does the probability of
any given person dying on a given date have its maximum on *exactly* the
same date as they were born - exactly as opposed to "somewhere around their

I wonder if I will start to understand your reasoning. Am I incredibly slow
on the uptake or are you especially insightful in understanding it?