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Default KVM power

On Sat, 12 Jun 2021 02:13:03 +0000 (UTC),

I've never seen KVM switches needing power before and this one (I bought
several) has no power supply included. But their is a socket for a power
adaptor. Zonet KVM3304. So before I swithc everything over and find out it
doesn't work, I was hoping someone would tell me if I really need power and
what happens when I don't have it. ie, maybe I should shut down a few of the
machines. THis thing is 4-way. What's a KVM - Keyboard Video Monito switch
that lets you use multiple computers with one console.

No experience with that model, but static switches conventionally
require little power. If it's a higher quality video monitor, it
might need buffers that have a slightly higher power requirement.

Any reviews I've read indicate that this model gets sufficient
power from PS2 ports. If you're only using the video ports, or
using a usb-ps2 adapter, it might not be so straight forward.