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Rod Speed wrote

Yours is stick built and the way the roof
water is done is completely ****ed.

What's ****ed about the roof water?

That short section lying on the ground next to the path
isnt going to last long and the vertical looks bad too.

Since it's in the West, where water rights are to my way of
thinking frankly crazy, it's possible that the people who own
or live in the house don't own the rights to the water that falls on it.
If that's the case, they must let it run to wherever it has always run.

But dont have to do the pipe in such a ****ed way.

In my dad's last house but one, there is a heavy galvanised
chain from the roof eaves with a small square of gravel at the
bottom like with that pic. That looks much better and will last
forever. Works the same water rights wise if that applys.