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On 09/06/2021 15:47, Chris Hogg wrote:
On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 14:05:05 +0000, Spike

For more information on what has been happening to bring about the the
G7 in Carbis Bay, read this posting by Graham Easterling of

Yebbut he doesn't live in the thick of it. I do! Mid-way on a straight
line between Carbis Bay and Tregenna Caste hotels, which are about 1km
apart. It's going on all around me and it's quite extraordinary here
at the moment.

Lots of large artics heavily laden with concrete crash barriers and
steel mesh fencing trundling by at frequent intervals.

Miles (literally) of 10ft high steel fencing going up, surrounding
both the Tregenna Castle and Carbis Bay hotel estates and beyond. Some
people have woken up to find their driveways have been blocked off
overnight! Heavy concrete crash barriers in several places. Some roads
blocked by massive drop-down barriers.

Over 5,000 police have been drafted in. I've spoken to a couple of
them - one had come from South Wales, another from Edinburgh -
they've been brought in from everywhere. Police and security people
everywhere, in ones, twos and little groups, some of them carrying
loaded firearms. They're being accommodated in camper vans on holiday
parks and on a spare cruise liner in Falmouth. I walked down into St.
Ives yesterday morning; all down one side of the road, for about a
mile, was a 10ft high steel fence, and on the pavement on the other
side were police and security people spaced every 20 yards.

Dozens of police cars, police vans and little military-type vehicles
like heavy-duty golf buggies running around (actually, they're farm
utility vehicles ); marquees springing up
everywhere in fenced-off fields to provide toilets and meals.

Lots of cameras on lamp-posts; temporary radio masts have sprung up in
a couple of places;

There are several navy ships out in the bay and beyond. So far I've
seen HMS Northumberland (frigate), HMS Tyne, HMS Tamar (fisheries
patrol vessels), and patrol boats HMS Exploit, HMS Ranger and HMS

Then on Monday night five large helicopters twice flew low and almost
directly overhead towards Tregenna Castle - two large Sea-Kings and
three Ospreys (those tilt-rotor helicopters operated by the American
military ).
Noisy buggers they were!

If we leave the 'restricted area' to go shopping in Penzance for
example, we have to show at least two forms of identification before
we can get back in, including one photo-identity such as a passport or
driving licence.

I've read that it's all costing £70 million, and all that for just
three days! At least we've had the roads resurfaced - our only
beneficial legacy I expect! I came across this Daily Mail article
which seems to give as fairly good description of it all - no doubt
other newspapers are doing something similar.

I've simply got in enough food to cover the weekend, and I've put the
car away and will stay at home for the duration. On the one hand it's
quite appalling, but on the other it's quite fascinating!

The circus is coming to town!

Very interesting and informative post.