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Default Kitchen Sink Question

On 09/06/2021 19:20, Ed wrote:
I've just had my kitchen fitted. It looks good but the sink is off
centre of the cabinet by about 1 cm. Is there anything I can do? Is
there any wriggle room or would I have to buy a wider sink and get
that fitted? Thanks in advance.

I think the answer is "that depends":

Is the cutout in the worktop wide enough to allow for a different position?

Do the sides of the cabinet (or any other cross members or bracing)
prevent the bowl moving nearer to where you would like it?

If both the above are true, is the flange on the sink wide enough to
cover enough gap with the sink in a different position.

Lastly can you loosen the clips that hold it in place?

If yes to all the above, then "yes"



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