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Default Washing machine/ Utility room/ electricity meters.

On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 20:00:40 +0100, Chris B wrote:


Along the camera lines could be the use of a ESP32Cam module, set up
as a webcam and then accessed whenever you need to view (live stream)
or take a photo of the meter?


sounds interesting I will have a look into it. I have done some temp
monitoring with a raspberry Pi so this might be another suitable project.

Excellent, well you are already half way there then (if you used the
Arduino IDE as you can use that to program the ESP32Cam) and know the
sort of things you need to do.

I had my streaming cam up and running pretty quickly and was quite
impressed with the picture quality, considering the size and cost of
the thing! The illumination LED was pretty bright, similar sort of
thing you find on camera phones etc.

And being a d-i-y solution, you have the opportunity to make it do
exactly what you want. I did consider automatic character recognition
but that would be so easy on my old gas meter. ;-(

There are even cases for them available on the likes of Thingiverse,
if you have or know anyone with a 3D printer wink.

Cheers, T i m