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Default Light 3 core silicone mains cable?

On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 10:23:08 +0100, "Brian Gaff \(Sofa\)"

A lot of these cables are designed to just run from a base to the iron I
think, which is fine if you are just doing the same task all the time but a
pain if not.

I do want to replace the lead from the base of my old Weller station
to the iron as that IS showing some signs of being caught with the
iron. It's currently quite light, just would be nice if also
heatproof. ;-)

I suppose you could ask cable companies directly, but I'd say
they would want to you to buy a reel of it.

Yes, buying a full reel of something suitable is relatively easy but
because it's a bit 'off piste' is quite expensive.

I can buy the short lengths equally easily but that is the most
expensive way.

Cheers, T i m