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Default Watering can, galvanised on outside only?

No, But it may be these days, seems completely ridiculous though. I have
come across some Upvc ones you see them often in garden centres used by the
company if they have on site growing fields or greenhouses, often in a
nondescript cream colour and a bit thicker and more sturdy than your
average crap ones. I wonder there they get them from? Luckily since I can't
see plants now, I tend to not worry about such things.


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Sick of all the plastic crap i've watched fade and crack over the years,
when I wanted a watering can I bought a nice shiny metal one.

I was pouring rusty water on my plants the other day and noted that it's
galvanised on the outside, but only the top inch or so on the inside.

So i'm emptying it each use and putting it away somewhere dry, seems
pointless to me galvanising it at all.

Is that right/normal?