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Default Copper pipe sanity check, please

On 08 Jun 2021, Marilyn Manson wrote

The rotation of the fittings is actually a very convenient

There is no need to line up your elbows, tees, shutoffs, etc.
during installation. Just pop them on and rotate them until they
point in the direction that you need them to.

Granted, they are more expensive, so I sweat where I can and
use SharkBites mostly in tight spots, like inside a cabinet or
up in a joist bay. I'd rather sweat than use compression fittings
but if sweating is inconvenient, I'll use SharkBites without

It is super-cramped in this cabinet. I can't really fit my shoulders in
there, which leaves me trying to do the work with arms fully extended.
Very uncomfortable and fatiguing. I assume that most of the plumbing
was done before they installed the cabinetry. I think Sharkbites will
make the job a hell of a lot easier and faster.