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Default OT: Problems with Moto G 6-plus Phone

On 08/06/2021 23:23, Roger Mills wrote:

My phone tends to suffer from two problems - which may or may not be
related. [Moto g(6)plus, Android 9, Build: PPW29-116-20-28]

Firstly, it sometimes refuses to answer an incoming call. I can tap
Accept, or swipe up - depending on what it was doing at the time - but
it just goes on ringing until it goes to voicemail.

Secondly, I frequently lose incoming sound in the middle of a call. The
person the other end can apparently hear me, but I can't hear them. [The
call starts ok with 2-way speech, but this typically happens a minute or
so into the call.

Any clues on what to look for?

[The usual mobile/Android groups have not borne fruit, so I'm
cross-posting here since this NG is by far the best source of all things

I've had several Moto G phones of various models over the past few years
(currently on an 8). One had a "hard" microphone failure, two others
started showing short battery life but associated with the phone, not
the battery. In each case after something like 18 months to two years of
use. As relatively low cost phones given their performance I just
replaced them. I did divert to Huawei for a while but that was
unreliable downloading BBC Sounds files. Touch screens seem a little
flakey with either cold or wet hands. I've actually never lost or broken
a phone, but I tend to regard £100 or so as a throw away sum, whereas
I'd be reluctant to risk £500 plus on one. YMMV.