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Default Fish and Chips - How come?

On 08/06/2021 16:31, tim... wrote:

"Andy Burns" wrote in message
tim... wrote:

13.50 for F&C in a London restaurant is hardly extortionate

Not in a restaurant, but delivered, so likely deliveroo etc fees

been to the deliveroo website

and locally F&C is not an available search option

but if I go to the local shop then it says "deliveroo orders" click
here. Go Figure!

Delivery is free if you order more than 15 pounds of food

But you are right, the shop prices seem to have been hiked to allow for
the deliveroo percentage (30% I understand)

10 pound for F&C, plus 2.50 for mushy peas

I don't recall the walk in prices being that high last time I was there.

and paying 2.50 for Mushy peas is simply a laziness charge.* You can buy
a tin in the supermarket for 30p and they take seconds to microwave.

Beware, that risks the criticism that you just don't understand the way
poor people can't afford to tie up their money in tins of peas just in
case they decide to order fish and chips. I kid you not.

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