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Default Washing machine/ Utility room/ electricity meters.

I am planing a kitchen overhaul and it would be nice to get the washing
machine out of the kitchen. There is space in the utility room but this
would be adjacent to the electricity meters/CU.

Clearly there would be no water connections directly above any electrics
so I am struggling to see any major problem. Are there any regulations
that I might fall foul of?

Plan layout in this pic.

In case its not obvious the rear of the washer will be against the top
horizontal line. adjacent to the feed/supply as is normal.

One minor problem might be visibility of the meter but this could easily
be solved with smart a meter or a smart phone on a selfie stick. (or at
a real push move the washer out to read the meter). The washer would
not provide any obstruction to the CU.

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