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Default OT: Manual or automatic gearbox? and XC60 opinion...

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NY wrote:
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Dave Plowman wrote:

Those who insist on only using one foot with an auto are just making
work for themselves. Although left foot braking does take a bit of

I occasionally drive other peoples' manual cars, don't want to train
my feet that way ...

Using your right foot only is no more work for your right foot than
driving a manual. I work on the principle that you should drive an
automatic as much like a manual as possible, omitting the tasks like
changing gear and using the clutch, but not changing or adding anything
else. Having to adjust between right-foot braking for manual and
left-foot for auto is something I would find very difficult. I'm used to
braking with my right foot. Why would I want *not* to do that in an auto
- apart from the "because you can" factor ;-)

Sounds like you've never learned how. There are lots of practical
advantages using both feet in an auto. But if you've decided it's not for
you, fairy nuff. But not having tried it hardly in a position to be

*I went to school to become a wit, only got halfway through.

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